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About Meraki

Branding, Marketing Strategist and Event Managements

MERAKI GROUP is operated by versatile and dynamic group of highly motivated and professionals with proven track record of accomplishments both locally and internationally.

With up bringing of MERAKI INSPIRATION RESOURCES, we aim to spread our wings across ASIA as one of the best solution provider in Branding, Marketing Strategist and Event Managements industry.

Our forte lies in delivering each and every assignments with different outlook, identity & vision of true professionalism by adding MERAKI into the works. We create a fresh buzz using multi-layered approach & exposure to ensure the events success & shine above all.












The lady who is an enthusiast series entrepreneur in creative powerhouse. A leader, a team player and a contemporary visionary in delivering ingenious ideas from business strategic planning to Branding & Marketing for MERAKI client. She integrates the latest in innovative technique with profound market research to produce astonishing & leading edge result for MERAKI’s clients. She has worked closely with Motorsports, Corporate and NGOs in managing events for the past 7 years.


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We hope to bring fresh look, new hype and leading edge buzz in today’s Marketing, Branding and Event Managements industry

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Our clients say

Working with Siti Mariam has been a thrilling, inspiring and energetic journey! Her passion for the Meraki brand and unwavering drive consummate priestess of networking. She has the special gift of connecting with people and connecting people. She is such a whirlwhing of energy and ideas. Siti Mariam is a social bee and will always be an asset to any organization, cause or event she is affiliated with

— Capt. TI

Jom Adventure

Siti Mariam, an entrepreneur who epitomises a new generation of passionate, self-assured, forward-looking and visionary youths who relish in pushing their boundaries to a whole new level when given a chance. She represents that generation perfectly who swims in the river of possibilities.

— Razz Salem, Chairman of UNited Impact Finance Initiative (UIF-I)

The movement is supported by Watter-GlennHill Ventures, RSHM Ventures, RR Sculpt, Yayasan Bangun Sriya, Yayasan Khairu Ummah and RH Impact SA.

You have demonstrated a very high level of work commitment and expertise at the #BIGTULIPSUMMIT. Corporate Executive Education and Development UUM OYAGSB will continue to support you in your endeavours. All the best for 2019 and beyond.

— Badrie

Director of OYA Business School